Lead supplier of IoT multipurpose sensors

based on the latest radartechnology.


makes affordable and versatile robust radar sensors 

accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Small formfactor

Our sensors have a small formfactor, an advantage which makes it easy to place and even hide.


Our sensors are IP67 classified, which means they can be placed even in the most challenging environments.

Power consumption 

Due to the ultra low power consumption of the battery, the lifespan is more than 10 years.

Easy to install

Our cloudbased application makes it easy to install the sensor. The sensors will  be up and running in no time with seamless connectivity and updates.

High accuracy

There is millimeter accuracy in the sensor. Maintenance personnel have full visibility of the infrastructure in real time. Critical levels are detected immediately and can even be predicted before they happen.

Cost- efficient

Compared to old systems the SweIoT sensors gives you upgraded value for less money. 


Our sensors are versatile and can be used to fit your need when it comes to detection. Usage areas is presence, motion, distance, inventory and levels are some of the areas where it can be used.